Connect Award

Stuttgart Competition 2018

We got this Award for our extraordinary Outreach work. We try to inspire as many people as possible and visited different Events to do so. Also our Connections to local companies was awarded

Finalist Alliance

Stuttgart Competition 2018

We were selected as an alliance Partner. Together with our partner we were a very well balanced alliance  

3. Preis Jugendforscht 2017

Regionalcompetition Braunschweig, Engineering

At a large MINT Competition we won the 3rd prize in the Category Engineering. We presented our Robot and the mechanisms to a jury.

3. Preis Jugendforscht 2018

Regionalwettbewerb Braunschweig, Technik


2. Preis Jugendforscht 2018

Regionalwettbewerb Hildesheim, Informatik